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The most trusted name in aircraft interiors!

Airtex Carpets

Airtex carpets are made of longer wearing, lightweight 100% Nylon pile carpeting with soft foam backing. Colors are: grey, flint, black, sand, beige, gold, saddle, brown, navy, wine and red. Shaped to fit and edges bound where necessary. Most required openings provided for, others need to be done upon installation. Covers full cabin length.

Snaps are provided in carpets, where required. Where cementing is needed, use Airtex Duraseam Cement, available at $26.00 per pint.

Send $12.00 for the Airtex Fabric Selection Guide showing actual samples of colors and styles of standard and premium materials.strong>

All materials meet or exceed the fire resistance requirements of FAR 23.853(a)
 Aeronca Chief (all)$163.00
 Aeronca Champ 7AC thru 7FC317.00
 Aeronca Sedan 15AC406.00
 American Yankee256.00
 Beech Baron, Travelair802.00
 Beech 35 thru M-35691.00
 Beech N-35 & later843.00
 Beech Musketeer460.00
 Beech Skipper220.00
 Beech Sport, Sundowner & Duchess433.00
 Beech Sierra559.00
 Beech Debonair653.00
 Beech A36 & F33787.00
 Bellanca 14-13286.00
 Cessna 120, 140 and 150, 1959 thru 1965218.00
 Cessna 150 & 152 (full length) with Kick Panels466.00
 Cessna 170, 172, 172-RG, 175, 177, 180, 182, 182-RG, 185520.00
 Cessna 177-RG891.00
 Cessna 190, 195585.00
 Cessna 205, 206733.00
 Cessna 210, 1960 thru 1963487.00
 Cessna 210, 1964 and later734.00
 Cessna 310862.00
 Cessna 336, 337804.00
 Champion Citabria (includes boots)354.00
 Grumman, Tiger, Traveler and Cheetah363.00
 Luscombe 8A, 8E (includes stick boots)262.00
 Mooney 349.00
 Navion (specify year and model)449.00
 Navion Rangemaster560.00
 Piper J-3, PA-11, PA-18276.00
 Piper J-4 Cub Coupe175.00
 Piper J-5, PA-12293.00
 Piper PA-15, PA-17 Vagabond175.00
 Piper PA-16 Clipper353.00
 Piper PA-20, PA-22 (state year mfd.)353.00
 Piper Colt317.00
 Piper Tomahawk267.00
 Piper Apache & Aztec656.00
 Piper PA-24 & 30 Comanche, thru 1965487.00
 Piper PA-24, PA-30 & 39 Comanche, 1966 & up804.00
 Piper Cherokee PA-28 140 thru 236399.00
 Piper Seminole PA-44403.00
 Piper PA-32, PA-34 Cherokee917.00
 Piper Navajo PA-311,333.00
 Rockwell Commander 112 & 114825.00
 Stinson 108 series (give full model)396.00
 Taylorcraft B series141.00