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The most trusted name in aircraft interiors!

Airtex Miscellaneous Items

Interior Door Seal Welt

Half inch diameter foam core welt, vinyl covered in a color of your choice. Specify make of plane.

 Door Seal Welt - 8 ft./1 lb.$7.00/foot

Headrest Covers

We can supply headrest covers to match your Airtex cushion upholstery. Send one sample cover or photo with your order.

 Headrest Covers$90.00/each

Seat Support Material

This heavy-duty polyester fabric is used to secure to seat frames for supporting foam cushions.

 Seat Support Material, 60" wide$55.00/yard

Duraseam Trim Cement

A permanent quick drying cement formulated for aircraft interior vinyl or fabric that will not stain through.

 Duraseam Trim Cement, Brush-in-lid pint can$26.00/each

Screws & Washers

Interior finishing screws & washers. Phillips oval head type A stainless steel screws with finishing washers.

 #4 x ¾" screws & washers$14.00/100 count
 #6 x ¾" screws & washers14.00/100 count

Foam Soundproofing

 ¼" High Density Damping Tape, foil backed one side, adhesive other side. 18" x 54"$55.00
 ½" High Density Damping Tape, foil backed one side, adhesive other side. 36" x 54"88.00

Fiberglas Insulation

Three-quarter-inch thick fiberglass insulation mat is backed with reinforced heat reflective aluminum foil. 48" wide.

 Fiberglas Insulation$26.00/yard


Durable, Waterproof Corrugated Polyethylene Board

 Polyboard, 48" x 80"$61.00/sheet


 Polyfoam, ½" x 40"$28.00/yard
 Polyfoam, 1" - 27" x 76"66.00/sheet
 Polyfoam, 2" - 28" x 76"132.00/sheet
 Polyfoam, 4" - 27" x 76"266.00/sheet

Hat Shelf Pads

Shaped to fit rear deck area or hat shelf. Cuts down noise and improves appearance. Made of bound edge carpeting in a color of your choice. Specify make, model and year.

 Hat Shelf Pad$79.00

Cowl Pads - For early classic Aircraft only

Airtex anti-glare Cowl Pads are shaped to fit between the windshield and instrument panel, eliminating cowl reflections in the windshield. It also deadens vibrations of the cowl and improves the appearance.

Cowl pads are made of 100% Nylon cut pile carpeting material, front edge bound. All necessary openings are provided. Be sure to specify exact model and year of your plane. Black or colors.

 Airtex Anti-Glare Cowl Pad$48.00

Dull Black Vinyl Pad - Glare shield for later Aircraft

Airtex Dull Black Vinyl Pad is used to cover the glare shield in later model aircraft. The pad measures 20" X 60" and is installed when the windshield is removed.

 Dull Black Vinyl Pad$48.00

Piper Eyebrow Cover - For Piper PA28, PA32, PA34, PA44 1973 and later only

Airtex Piper Eyebrow Covers are presewn, with a double topstitched leading edge.

Eyebrow covers are made of dull black vinyl. Be sure to specify exact model, year, and serial number of your plane.

 Piper Eyebrow Cover$119.00

Piper Baggage Door Strap - For Piper PA28, PA32, PA34, PA44 only

 Piper Baggage Door Strap$20.00

Assist Strap

Loop type assist strap has grommet for screw attachment to doorpost.

 Assist Strap Loop Type$31.00

All others - call for price (Will require old hardware)

Draft Flap - For Piper PA24, PA30

Flap for under seat.

 Piper Draft Flap$151.00

Certificate Holder

Sturdy 5" x 7" plastic window with bound edges and mounting screws

 Certificate holder$7.00

Map Pocket

Elastic mouth vinyl pocket, 10" square, in a color of your choice, mounted on fiberboard.

 Map Pocket$40.00

Ercoupe Window Channel Welts

Conforms to original design requirements. Black vinyl welted edges, with 92% wool felt track.

 Ercoupe Window Channel Welt, per pair$70.00

Chafe Webbing

One-inch wide x 1/16" thick cotton webbing, for engine cowl doors.

 Chafe Webbing, Per Yard$4.00

Felt Strips

For gas tanks, cowls, baffles, windows. Best quality, firm black 92% wool felt, 3/32 inch thick.

 Felt strips, 1" wide x 6 ft.$7.00
 Felt strips, 2" wide x 6 ft.10.00
 Felt strips, 3" wide x 6 ft.12.00
 Felt strips, 4" wide x 6 ft.15.00