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Airtex Seat Upholstery

Seat Assembly

Airtex chair upholstery sets are not to be confused with slip-covers, as they completely replace the old upholstery. Airtex upholstered cushion sets*, bucket seat type upholstery sets**, and upholstery foam cushion replacement sets*** are beautifully tailor-made by expert craftsmen who take pride in their workmanship.

All main panels are quilted through a layer of scrim-backed polyfoam for maximum strength and long wear. Map pockets are provided, as in the original.

Prices shown are for complete sets for backrests and seat bottoms for all chairs. Sets are upholstered in your choice of fine woven base fabrics in a variety of colors, trimmed in matching or constrasting vinyl. All-vinyl or all-fabric upholstery is also available. Main seating areas are done in the basic fabric, while side panels, wear points and seam welting are usually finished in the vinyl trim material similar to the original design.

Send $12.00 for the Airtex Fabric Selection Guide showing actual samples of colors and styles of standard and premium materials. Please note, when selecting premium materials add 25% to list price.

LEATHER Airtex now offers the richness of natural leather. When choosing leather as an option, it is suggested that only the seats be comprised of leather. It is recommended that the wall panels be constructed of vinyl or a combination of vinyl and fabric in order to be cost effective. All leather selections can be made to match our duratrim vinyls. This blend will ensure a finished product of the finest materials offered by Airtex. Please contact the Airtex Products, Inc. office for leather prices.

SEAT DESIGN Please note that the design of Airtex Products, Inc. manufactured seat upholstery sets stitching, patterns or design that may vary from the portfolio. We do not match original colors, patterns or designs . Please inquire about our finished products for your aircraft before ordering. Remember that all manufactured items are custom items and are not returnable.

When ordering, be sure to specify year, make, model, serial number and N# of the plane. Chairs from other models are sometimes substituted, in which case you must state the year and model of the non-standard seats, and supply photos of them. We are not responsible for misfits in such cases. If your plane has an optional seating arrangement, describe it in detail and send photos of the seats.

Wall panels should be ordered at the same time to assure a good color match.

*CHAIR UPHOLSTERY REPLACEMENT SETS Some makes of aircraft seats are made with cushioning cemented to the frame, over no-sag springs or webbing or similar support. Such chairs usually don't require replacement of the cushioning. For these planes, Airtex makes chair upholstery sets, which replace the old upholstery with complete new upholstery for all backrests and seat-bottoms in the plane. These are not just slip-covers. The upholstery fabric is quilted through a scrim-backed polyfoam layer.

**CHAIR UPHOLSTERY SETS FOR "BUCKET SEAT" type chairs are supplied with all new cushioning, so that the old cushioning is removed and discarded. The new cushioning is already attached to the upholstery and must be cemented to the chair. The side panels are then pulled around the frame and cemented or hog-ringed behind it. Rings and pliers are included with the set when needed.

**,*Most Chair Upholstery Replacement Sets include new foam. Call for foam availability.

***UPHOLSTERED FOAM CUSHION REPLACEMENT SETS are made for those aircraft which were originally equipped with removable cushions, not permanently secured to the chairs. The sets are made up into complete assemblies, which feature comfortable featherweight polyfoam cushioning, that reduces weight up to 50%. These assemblies fit over the chair frames, after removal of the old cushioning and upholstery. In cases where the upholstery is sewn to a supporting sling, a new sling is included. Backrests of front seats are provided with map pockets. All seams are nylon stitched.

All materials meet or exceed the fire resistance requirements of FAR 23.853(a)
***Aeronca Chief, 65CA & 11AC2 pl.$878.00
***Aeronca Champ, narrow or wide rear seat2 pl.878.00
***Aeronca Sedan, 15AC4 pl.1,583.00
**Alon2 pl.878.00
**American Yankee2 pl.878.00
**Beech Sport4 pl.1,757.00
**Beech Skipper2 pl.878.00
**Beech Bonanza, Baron, Debonair & Travelair (1947 thru 1969)4 pl.1,757.00
**Beech Bonanza, Baron, Debonair & Travelair (1947 thru 1969)6 pl.2,634.00
**Beech Bonanza, Baron, Debonair & Travelair (1970 & later)4 pl.1,903.00
**Beech Bonanza, Baron, Debonair & Travelair (1970 & later)6 pl.2,854.00
**Beech Sierra, Sundowner, Musketeer & Duchess4 pl.1,757.00
***Bellanca 14-134 pl.1,507.00
***Cessna 120, 140 (thick bottoms)2 pl.705.00
***Cessna 140 (framed bottoms)2 pl.647.00
*Cessna 150, (1959 thru 1960)2 pl.598.00
**Cessna 150 & 152, (1961 and later)2 pl.878.00
**Cessna 170 thru 1854 pl.1,757.00
**Cessna 1881 pl.439.00
**Cessna 190 and 1954 pl.1,757.00
**Cessna 205, 206 and 2076 pl.2,634.00
**Cessna 2104 pl.1,757.00
**Cessna 210, (1964 thru 1969)5 pl.2,196.00
**Cessna 210, (1970 and later)6 pl.2,634.00
**Cessna 3105 pl.2,196.00
**Cessna 310 and 320, (1963 and later)6 pl.2,634.00
**Cessna 336 and 3376 pl.2,634.00
***Cessna L-192 pl.878.00
***Champion Citabria, narrow or wide rear seat2 pl.878.00
***Ercoupe (with 1 pc. bottom cushion)2 pl.878.00
***Funk (with seat slings)2 pl.766.00
**Grumman AA-5, AA-5B, Traveler & Cougar4 pl.1,757.00
*Lake Buccaneer4 pl.1,375.00
***Luscombe 8 series2 pl.746.00
*Mooney 1955-1963, 1982 & up4 pl.1,757.00
**Mooney 1964-19814 pl.1,757.00
***Navion (give mfr. and year)4 pl.1,757.00
***Piper J-3, PA-112 pl.542.00
***Piper J-42 pl.560.00
***Piper J-52 pl.849.00
***Piper PA-12 (sling type)3 pl.902.00
***Piper PA-12 (#12-3995 & up)3 pl.902.00
***Piper PA-15/17 (includes seat sling)2 pl.899.00
***Piper PA-182 pl.878.00
***Piper PA-20 and PA-22, PA-164 pl.1,757.00
**Piper Colt2 pl.878.00
**Piper PA-23 Apache4 pl.1,757.00
**Piper PA-23 Apache5 pl.2,196.00
**Piper PA-23 Aztec5 pl.2,196.00
**Piper PA-23 Aztec6 pl.2,634.00
**Piper Comanche PA-24-30-394 pl.1,757.00
**Piper Comanche PA-24-30-396 pl.2,634.00
**Piper PA-28 Cherokee2 pl.878.00
**Piper PA-28 Cherokee4 pl.1,757.00
**Piper PA-32 and 346 pl.2,634.00
**Piper PA-38 Tomahawk2 pl.878.00
**Piper Seminole PA-444 pl.1,757.00
***Republic Seabee4 pl.1,180.00
*Rockwell Commander 112 and 1144 pl.1,361.00
***Stearman2 pl.569.00
***Stinson 108 series4 pl.1,773.00
***Swift (state manufacturer)2 pl.518.00
***Taylorcraft B series and 192 pl.602.00