Manufacturing FAA-PMA approved interiors since 1949.

Airtex wall panel sets are designed for easy installation. Where panels were originally mounted on fiberboard, Airtex provides wall panels already mounted on durable, waterproof corrugated polyethylene board with polyfoam soundproofing under the upholstered surface. Where wall panels were originally mounted on aluminum panels, the old panels are reused, and the new assembled upholstery and soundproofing are cemented over the panel edges. Where kick panels are needed, they are made of carpeting to match the Airtex carpet set. Material for the panels should be selected to match the Airtex cushion upholstery. Map pockets are included where needed. Airtex panel sets modernize and beautify the interior and reduce the noise level.

Mounted wall panel sets are available for Piper and Taylorcraft planes, which originally had doped fabric surfaces inside. The new sets are mounted on durable, waterproof corrugated polyethylene stiffeners, and are much easier and faster to install than doped fabric. Flaps are provided for cementing the panels to the structure. Needless to say, the appearance is greatly improved, and there is a tremendous reduction of the noise level.

Airtex wall panels are available in a wide selection of colors in standard and premium fabrics and vinyl trim materials, or in all vinyl finish to match the Airtex seat upholstery. The most attractive effects can be obtained by using two shades of the same color for base and trim, or the trim may be black or white. Please note, when selecting premium materials add 25% to list price. Call for leather upgrade price.

Where cementing is required, use Airtex Duraseam cement, available at $17.00 per pint.

When ordering state colors and the numbers of the materials chosen. Also specify make, model, serial number and year of your plane.

Send $8.00 for the Airtex Fabric Selection Guide showing actual samples of colors and styles of standard and premium materials.

Order seat upholstery at the same time to assure a good color match.

All upholstery exceeds the fire resistance requirements of FAR 23.853(a)

  Aeronca Chief (door panels only) $216.00
  Aeronca Champ, 7 series (unmounted) 406.00
  Aeronca Sedan, 15AC (seaplane or std.) 651.00
  American Yankee 217.00
  Beech A-36 938.00
  Beech Bonanza 35 thru V-35 856.00
  Beech Debonair thru 1964 978.00
  Beech Debonair, 1965 & later, F-33 856.00
  Beech Musketeer 1,128.00
  Beech Duchess, Sport, Sundowner, and Sierra, thru 1979 1,192.00
  Beech Duchess, Sundowner and Sierra, 1980 & later  856.00
  Beech Travelair & Baron 938.00
  Cessna 120 and 140 430.00
  Cessna 170, 172, 175, 180, 182 872.00
  Cessna 180, 182 (1962 only) mounted 1,097.00
  Cessna 177 451.00
  Cessna 190, 195 846.00
  Cessna 205, 206 1,036.00
  Cessna 210 879.00
  Cessna 210 (1962 only) 1,114.00
  Cessna 210, 1977 and up 1,114.00
  Cessna 310, 320, 336 and 337 1,074.00
  Cessna L-19 619.00
  Champion Citabria 554.00
  Ercoupe (give gas gauge and trim location) 503.00
  Funk (mounted) 413.00
  Grumman Tiger, Traveler, Cheetah 532.00
  Lake Buccaneer 264.00
  Luscombe 8A, 8E 449.00
  Mooney, 1955 thru 1964 1,151.00
  Mooney, 1965 and later 565.00
  Navion (state year & manufacturer) 1,151.00
  Piper J-5 and PA-12 (mounted) 757.00
  Piper PA-18 Super Cub 529.00
  Piper PA-20, PA-22, PA-16 (mounted) 1,195.00
  Piper Colt (mounted) 757.00
  Piper Apache and Aztec 1,301.00
  Piper Comanchee PA-24, PA-30 & PA-39 849.00
  Piper Comanchee PA-24, 1961 & 1962 1,220.00
  Piper Cherokee PA-28 140, thru 1972 1,025.00
  Piper Cherokee PA-28 140, 1973 and up 1,318.00
  Piper Cherokee PA-28 150 thru 236, thru 1972 1,192.00
  Piper Cherokee PA-28 150 thru 236, 1973 & up 1,561.00
  Piper Cherokee "6" PA-32 & PA-34, thru 1972 1,528.00
  Piper Cherokee "6" PA-32 & PA-34, 1973-1980 1,946.00
  Piper Cherokee "6" PA-32 & PA-34, 1981 & up 1,528.00
  Piper Seminole PA-44 1,561.00
  Republic Seabee (includes headliner) 1,735.00
  Rockwell Commander 112-114 248.00
  Stinson 108 series Voyager 1,813.00
  Stinson 108 series Station Wagon 981.00
  Swift 361.00
  Taylorcraft, B series 406.00