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The most trusted name in aircraft interiors!

Airtex Headliners

Airtex headliners are carefully tailored for a good fit, with a minimum of installation labor. All necessary attaching strips and inspection zippers are all sewn in place. Metal bows are not provided, as the original bows are re-useable.

Airtex headliners are available in off white four-way stretch vinyl, or tan, grey, or off-white wool fabrics.

Where cementing is required, use Airtex DURASEAM cement. Brush-lid pint cans $18.00.

Give year, model, serial number and N# of plane.

All materials meet or exceed the fire resistance requirements of FAR 23.853(a)
 Aeronca Champ, 7AC thru 7FC$262.00
 Aeronca Chief, 11AC253.00
 Aeronca Sedan, 15AC340.00
 American Yankee156.00
 Beech 35 thru D-35474.00
 Beech E-35 and later (unmounted)286.00
 Cessna 120 & 140359.00
 Cessna 150304.00
 Cessna 170, 175, 180, 185435.00
 Cessna 172, 182, (1956-1970 & 1980-1986)435.00
 Cessna 205, 206, 207447.00
 Cessna 210, 310, 320, 336, 337447.00
 Cessna 190 & 195466.00
 Champion 7 & 8 series262.00
 Grumman Tiger,Cheetah & Traveler up to 1976156.00
 Grumman Tiger,Cheetah & Traveler 1977 & laterCall for pricing
 Luscombe 8A (mounted)358.00
 Luscombe 8E & 8F (mounted)421.00
 Mooney Mk21, 1955 thru 1965430.00
 Piper J-4 Cub Coupe230.00
 Piper J-5, PA-12328.00
 Piper PA-14, PA-15, & PA-17229.00
 Piper PA-16, Clipper & Colt (give year)333.00
 Piper PA-18, Super Cub210.00
 Piper PA-20, PA-22398.00
 Piper PA-23, Apache, Aztec436.00
 Piper PA-24, 30 Comanche thru 1962150.00
 Piper PA-24, 30 & 39 Comanche 1963 & up430.00
 Piper PA-28, PA-32 & 34, thru 1973136.00
 Piper PA-28, PA-32 & 34, 1974 & up300.00
 Piper Seminole PA-44300.00
 Republic Seabee (with wall panels)1,737.00
 Stinson 108 series359.00
 Stinson 10A series429.00
 Taylorcraft, B series289.00