Manufacturing FAA-PMA approved interiors since 1949.

In addition to our regular line of fabrics, two premium fabrics are available. DURALIFE and DURAWEAVE. Both types feature extreme durability, easier cleaning, improved comfort and high resistance to tears, snags and raveling. A total of 12 beautiful colors are complimented with a choice of 18 harmonizing colors of DURATRIM heavy-duty expanded vinyl trim leatherette. These deluxe materials are premium priced, so please add 25% to catalog prices for seats and wall panels.

Send $8.00 for the Airtex Fabric Selection Guide showing actual samples of colors and styles of standard and premium materials.


Samples of all fabrics and vinyls are shown in our Fabric Selection Guide ($8.00). Sold by the running yard. All yard goods exceed the fire requirements of FAR 23.853(a). The FAA form 8110-3 is not supplied with any raw materials.

  Carpeting $40.00/yd.
  Headlining Vinyl 35.00/yd.
  Headlining Wool 50.00/yd.
  Premium Fabric 40.00/yd.
  Duratrim Vinyl 30.00/yd.
  Standard Fabric 30.00/yd.