Manufacturing FAA-PMA approved interiors since 1949.

Made of bright fluorescent fire orange vinyl impregnated nylon fabric, which can be seen for miles! The fluorescent color penetrates haze and gives high visibility even when the sun is obscured. Stands out against any background, summer or winter. Attaching grommets are solid brass spur type, which won't pull out of the reinforced hem. Will withstand 75-mph winds!

When ordering, measure across your frame to determine the diameter; not across the flat wind sock mouth.

Airtex windsocks are made in five sizes to meet recommended proportions for maximum effectiveness; they are not cut-down versions to meet a price. Airtex windsocks are in use worldwide at private, local and international airports.

* 18 in. diameter mouth x 7 ft. ext $62.00
  18 in. diameter mouth x 7 ft. long 62.00
  24 in. diameter mouth x 8 ft. long 80.00
  28 in. diameter mouth x 8 ft. long 99.00
  36 in. diameter mouth x 10 ft. long 130.00
  36 in. diameter mouth x 12 ft. long 142.00
*18 in. x 7 ft. for our 18" extended windsock frame.


New type fluorescent windsock requires no frame! All that is needed for mounting is a ¾ " water pipe mast. The sock has a built-in hoop (to hold the mouth open) and bridle lines attached to a threaded swivel fitting. Just screw it on to the water pipe mast and it is ready for use! Sensitive to the slightest breeze. Ideal for new installations at private strips, airports, heliports and marinas. The 14-in. x 4-ft. size is intended for use at runway ends on large airports, for quick wind reference.

  14 in. diameter mouth x 4 ft. long $52.00
  18 in. diameter mouth x 7 ft. long 89.00
  24 in. diameter mouth x 8 ft. long 106.00


Available in two sizes, to fit 18" and 24" diameter standard windsocks. Constructed of primed steel, with single loop, which swivels on mounting shaft, equipped with coupling for connection to one-inch pipe mast. (Mast not included). Free swiveling hoop is offset from mounting shaft, to respond to the slightest change in wind direction, without fouling the mast.

* Windsock frame, 18 in. dia. With extension $86.00
* Windsock frame, 24 in. dia 103.00


Windsocks should be located away from obstructions, such as buildings and trees, which cause turbulence that diverts the true wind direction. Turbulence will cause oscillations, resulting in excessive flexing of the sock fabric, shortening fabric life. The worst place for a sock is atop the hangar. The best place for a sock is out in the field in clean air. Service life varies from one to three years, depending on the severity of flexing and air pollution.